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Contractors Wanted for Multiple Bridge Rehab

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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The New York State Thruway Authority is seeking contractors to perform rehabilitation and replacement of four bridge structures on I-90 in Albany, New York.

The contract is estimated to cost $4,250,000.

Bids are due Oct. 6.

Scope of Work

Contractors are urged to bid on a project for rehabilitation and replacement of four bridges across I-90 in Albany, New York. This project involves reconstruction of the I-90 thruway between MP. 284.1 and MP 289.3, rehabilitation of I-90 over Onondaga Parkway, rehabilitation of I-90 over Onondaga Lake Outlet, and replacement of a bridge carrying I-90 over CSX railroad at MP 288.13.

Work will include application of sheet-applied waterproofing. The overlay will meet a 70 series compaction. The owner-approved sheet-applied waterproofing coating manufacturers include Crafco, WR Meadows, Protecto Wrap, Chase and Soprema.

The chosen contractor will also oversee metalizing contracting. Surfaces will require Solvent Cleaning (SSPC-SP 1) and abrasive blast-cleaning to Near White standards (SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. 2) and metallized coating application. For surfaces requiring field repair, Solvent Cleaning (SSPC-SP 1) and power-tool cleaning to Bare Metal standards (SSPC-SP 11) will be required prior to metallizing coating application. The metalizing sealant will be UV resistant, and either a urethane or epoxy polyamide penetrating sealant, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Certification to SSPC-QP 3 is required.

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